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Author:Tobias Kern
Tobias KernCEO


Tobias joins our Game Changer Team as an Associate Partner!


With his extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, Tobias helps our partners to make their digital customer journeys even more successfull!



    Even more digital power fĂĽr retail game changers!


    We continue to grow and are happy to have such strong reinforcements Three questions to our new Associate Partner Tobias

    What are your three mobile apps to take on a deserted island?

    X / Twitter Although controversial, there are very interesting people and stories here, also from the retail sector. And surely there is also a helpful thread describing how to escape from the deserted island.

    Medium A great infinite and instructive source of inspiration for private and business matters, which has replaced the RSS reads and blogs of the time. At least for me.

    Blinkist Books condensed to the essentials, to listen to or read yourself. You can't go wrong with that. That leaves enough time for catching fish and open coconuts.

    What challenges do you see in digital marketing in retail companies?

    Certainly one of the biggest challenges is the massive flood of data from all channels. Tis requires specialised data analysts who know how valuable this data is, how to evaluate it and how to use it. This can then be expressed in the the playout of the most diverse channels or, for example, in the targeted customer approach via loyalty programs.

    Whats the "next big thing" in digitizing retail companies?

    The AI train is currently accelerating rapidly, so retailers must not miss the train and should quickly explore what the "new" technology can bring to their own company. Forbes recently wrote an article on this topic, which describes some of the new advantages of AI for retail as well.

    Link to Forbes


    Thanks Tobias, great to have you in the team 👏🏼